This block announces errors when problems occur. It helps when you want to handle a certain condition, or just want to be informed about a specific problem.

By default, Throw is an unsuccessful termination. It allows you to handle errors upstream in a Try-Catch block.

Use Exit if you’d like to terminate successfully.

You can drag and drop Throw inside a workflow where a green field appears. Doing so makes it a part of the workflow.


Throw works well with Try:

  1. Provide an Error message for a potential problem.

  2. Place Throw within the Try-Catch structure.

  3. Run the workflow to see the effect applied.

When Throw is reached during execution, the entire workflow will be intercepted and you’ll receive the error message.

"stack" is the directory of the place where the problem occurred.

To disable a Throw block without deleting it, use the slider on the left of its name.