When this block is reached during a flow, the entire flow will be interrupted and exited with no further actions. Any blocks situated below will be ignored.

By default, Exit is a successful termination. It’s like calling “return” - you cannot return “Success = False” from a function.

Use Throw if you’d like to exit unsuccessfully (Success = False) and also be able to provide a message explaining why the execution was unsuccessful.

In that case, it’s also much easier to handle errors upstream in a Try-Catch block rather than If-Else statements.

Drag Exit and drop it inside a workflow or a loop where a green field appears. Doing so makes it a part of the workflow.


Exit works well with the If:

  1. Enter a condition in the provided field for the If block.

  2. Place the Exit block somewhere under the If block.

  3. Run the workflow to see the effect applied.

The resulting structure will execute Exit when the condition is met.

To disable an Exit block without deleting it, use the slider on the left of its name.