This block executes a limited cURL (client URL) command with which data can be transferred to and from a server.

cURL lets you talk to a server by specifying its location in the form of a URL, as well as the data you want to send.

You can also use cURL to test call a workflow endpoint from a remote system. This provides details of exactly what's been sent/received, which is helpful for debugging.

Drag and drop cURL inside a workflow where a green field appears. Doing so makes it a part of the workflow.


  1. Specify the command in the only field of the cURL block.
    The curl command begins with an HTTP method, such as GET, followed by the URL from which you’d like to retrieve some kind of data.

  2. Run your workflow to see the results.

Sample use-case

The block supports headers, query strings, body params, authentication, form-data and insecure flags. Anything outside of this range will be ignored.

To disable a cURL block without deleting it, use the slider on the left of its name.