AuthOverride, AuthOverrideJSON


These action blocks override an attribute/credential in a provided authentication key field and then return a variable for the result of the override action.

Drag and drop AuthOverride or AuthOverrideJSON inside a workflow where a green fields appear. Doing so makes them part of the workflow.


  1. In the authKey field, choose the authentication key that you’ll use.

  2. By overriding the authKey in the AuthOverrideJson block, you’ll be able to cancel the specific authentication listed in that field.

  3. Run the workflow to see the effect applied.

A variable is returned for the result of the override action. This can be accessed with the notation $Name.result, where "Name" is the name of the action block.

To disable AuthOverride and AuthOverrideJson without deleting them, use the sliders on the left of their names.