About Pliant


On this page, you can find useful information and broad metrics about your Pliant experience, as well as the ability to update your license.

There are insights about:

  • the number of active flows, jobs, and users

  • the number of successful and failed flow executions

  • execution times and averages

  • system versions

  • licensing information


Before you begin

From your Pliant instance, click Global Settings and select About Pliant.


There are three sections containing useful statistics about your platform experience.

  • License Usage

    This section reveals how many of your workflows and users are active and how many jobs are currently enabled.


The Platform supports multiple (concurrent) licenses. You can add as many licenses as you need to keep the platform workflows running by clicking on the Add License button.

This will open a dialog box where you can enter the license keys. Confirm the entry by clicking on the Add license button.

  • Executions

    This section displays the number of successful and failed executions and the rate of execution per minute.
    You can also find how many flows have been executed for different time periods.

  • Execution time
    This section contains information about the shortest and longest flow executions for certain time periods.
    It’s also possible to see execution time averages.


Apart from usage statistics, the About Pliant page comes equipped with some technical information.

  • On top, you can find your instance’s logo, current build, and license expiration date.

  • On the right, there’s a System Versions panel that lists essential platform addons and apis, as well as their current versions.

Update Procedure

If your license is close to expiring or has already expired, you’ll need to renew your subscription.

  1. Click the Update License button.

A separate window will pop up.

  1. Enter or paste the required key/license data.

  2. Click Verify to finish the process. Your license should be updated in no time.