Optional Customer Requests


Pliant gives you the possibility to fine-tune and enable optional functionality when that is needed. Such functions can be enabled by requesting them via the Pliant Resource Hub or by contacting our support team at support@pliant.io to process the configuration change.

Optional Sandbox Disable

You can request the flow execution sandbox to be disabled on your Pliant instances. When this is done by our support team, all workflow code will execute within the same memory space instead of creating isolated spaces for the code runtime.


There is no visual indicator that the sandbox mode is turned off in the workflow editor.

The advantage of doing this is to increase the execution speed and overall speed, however, this will greatly reduce the security of the instance.
We highly recommend that the sandbox mode is turned off only when there is absolute trust in the users who are using Pliant to create orchestrations and automation. Use with caution as the input code needs to be filtered to prevent malicious abuse of the underlying Pliant instance.