Release Notes for 2020.8

Available on: September 9, 2020

Supported Platforms: 

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • CentOS 7.5

  • RedHat 7.5

Supported Browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Edge

  • Safari


Flows sharing

  • Now it's easier to share a flow with everyone, with the new (configurable) role and folder called "Everyone".

  • For each shared flow, a list of roles that flow is shared with is shown.

  • Flow owner is now shown for each shared flow

Object Editor

  • Ability to rearrange array items with drag and drop.

  • Type checking and error indication if a wrong type is entered.

  • All errors are now propagated to the parent elements.

  • Auto-focus on value when pressing Enter.


Logging in with SAML 2.0 providers using SSO is now supported by Pliant.

Under the hood

Better memory management, improved and faster DB queries and many stability improvements.