Release Notes for 2020.6

Available on: July 6, 2020

Supported Platforms: 

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • CentOS 7.5

  • RedHat 7.5

Supported Browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Edge

  • Safari


Object Editor Improvements

  • Objects and Arrays are now expanded by default to the first level. This provides a better and faster user experience while populating common arguments.

  • Tooltips have been enabled for fields to put short descriptions where available.

Flow Editor Improvements

  • A Locate option has been added to each action block in the Flow Editor, so it can be easily located in the Integration Pallette.

  • An option to specify the Worker Group, on which a flow will be executed has been added to the Start Block. It will dictate where the flow will be executed if run from inside the Workflow Editor. This is useful when trying to build, debug, and test workflows that may rely on resources that are only accessible by remote workers.
    Note: This option only affects flow executed from inside the Flow Editor. It does not affect the Jobs Scheduler or the API. Running a workflow from the API without specifying a Worker Group, will schedule the execution on Default.

  • MET (Manual Execution Time) input has been added to the start block. This allows users to specify the amount of time a particular workflow would take if executed manually. The setting can be set to Auto, in which case the system uses a best-estimate, but if the user chooses to override it, the value supplied will be used for each execution of the workflow. MET data is used to populate the ROI (Return-on-Investment) Dashboard. For more information:

ROI Dashboard

The ROI Dashboard (Return-on-Investment) is a new reporting interface in Pliant. It is located under the Dashboard drop-down on the top navigation var. The interface reports on the amount of time-savings and other related data that the organization has achieved through automation built in Pliant. The data to build the reporting charts is generated by collecting and summarizing MET data from all executed workflows in a given period. Users can select the duration of the report from the drop-down on the top of the page.

The page presents a number of MET (Manual Execution Time) calculations, such as the total amount of time saved and the average time saved per workflow.

For additional details, please see:

Experimental Features - can now be enabled with an environmental variable. This feature is meant to be used in lab systems and early adopters. Experimental features may undergo numerous changes before final release or may not be released pending full evaluation.

Infinite scrolling - pagination has been removed from all interfaces in lieu of dynamically loaded scrolling. This makes the user experience when interacting with long lists of items more streamlined and consistent.

Various performance improvements and bug fixes - to make your Pliant experience better