Release Notes for 2020.11

Available on: November 18, 2020

Supported Platforms: 

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • CentOS 7.5

  • RedHat 7.5

Supported Browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Edge

  • Safari


Logs Configuration

  • Pliant now has a UI configuration menu for an external syslog server

  • Logs could be sent over to the syslog server saving information about when the different Flows/Workers were started, stopped, queued, etc.

Blocks Naming

  • It is important for the blocks to be named appropriately so it could be easier to understand where the block comes from and what it does

  • Starting with this release, Pliant will automatically name the blocks with the top name of their integration followed by an underscore and an incrementing number

  • This does not replace the Block Type we currently see on the left which is the name of the function of the block

  • Block Names will continue to be editable

  • Control blocks, Functions and all 1st level common blocks can have their own naming, e.g. ForEach_1, While_4, Function_3 etc.

New For Each Parallel Control Block

  • To make flow executions faster, the new block is optimized to open several threads and run the tasks simultaneously

  • The number of threads to be opened is a parameter, configurable in the block. If no value is set, there is a system default


Additional new features

  • Pliant now prompts and the user can auto-save any new changes made to a flow when clicking Run within their session

  • To make searching for action blocks easier, Pliant now includes the whole path to the block being searched for

  • GitHub Configuration Improvements


Under the hood

Many security, UI and stability improvements.