Setup git configuration for Google-authenticated Bitbucket account

Create app pasword (Bitbucket)

  1. Log in to Bitbucket using your Google account.

  2. Go to your “Personal settings”:

  3. Open the “App password” page:

  4. Create a new app password giving the appropriate permissions and label for the app password:

  5. Save your password! You will not be able to access it ever again!

Setup Git configuration

  1. Choose a folder you want to configure Git in:

  2. Choose “Git Config” from the main three-dot menu:

  3. Add new “Git” authentication:

  4. Setup all the fields accordingly (be careful with the “Git” URL; you can mark fields as overridable so that you can adjust the configuration easily later):

  5. Once the “Git” authentication is created, all branches will be fetched automatically:

  6. Input URL if you want to override the already configured URL in the authentication, pick a branch and click “Save”

  7. That’s it! The folder is now “connected” to your Bitbucket repository! You are now able to “Pull” in order to update the local content of your folder, and “Push” in order to update the selected remote branch.