Pliant VMware VM Management Permissions Set Up

To use Pliant automation to deploy and manage VMs, the following minimum permissions should be configured for a Pliant service vCenter user role. Further permissions will be needed if VMware operations beyond VM creation and cloning will be performed with Pliant.  

The Pliant role should have the following privileges:


  • Allocate space


  • Cancel task

  • Manage custom attributes

  • Set custom attribute


  • Assign network


  • Assign vApp to resource pool

  • Assign virtual machine to resource pool

  • Migrate powered off virtual machine

  • Migrate powered on virtual machine

  • Query vMotion

Virtual machine

  • All Virtual machine Privileges                            

The Pliant user should be assigned the above role on these objects:

  • Datacenter (propagation not required)

  • Cluster and/or host (propagation required)

  • Datastore(s)/ Datastore Clusters (propagation required)

  • Network(s)/Network Groups  (propagation required)

For Content Library access, the Pliant user will need to be assigned a Content Library role at the global level. ( )