Add an ACM Certificate to an AWS EKS Hosted Pliant Instance

Pliant by default runs HTTPS with a self signed certificate. You can add a certificate and key that you have in a file, but often the desired certificate is generated by AWS in the the AWS Certificate Manager service. This process explains how to publish Pliant using your own ACM certificate.

  1. Download the pliant-proxy-elb-acm-cert.yaml file


  2. Find the ARN for your ACM certificate

  3. Edit the file pliant-proxy-elb-acm-cert.yaml, and replace YOUR_ACM_CERT_ARN with the ARN of your desired certificate

  4. Apply pliant-proxy-elb-acm-cert.yaml file

    kubectl apply -f pliant-proxy-elb-acm-cert.yaml
  5. Use this command to find the external fqdn assigned by AWS to your new load balancer

    kubectl get svc pliant-proxy-elb-cert
  6. Set up a CNAME record in your DNS that points your Plaint hostname to that value

You should now be able to reach Pliant via a trusted HTTPS connection