Try, Catch, End Catch

Try, Catch, End Catch Overview

The Try control block consists of three layers: Try, Catch and End Catch. To use its functionality, build an action structure or place any blocks under Try. The Catch part will monitor the flow of actions. If an error occurs, Catch will let you know.

The Try control block has no parameters. Whatever is in the Try part does NOT stop the flow.

Catch also has no parameters but has return schema of the error which will contain the error's message that was caught. Catch is also the only of these blocks to have a name (e.g. A5). If there is an Error, the Catch part is executed. "$Name.stack" and "$Name.message" return details about the error, where "Name" is the name of the block/node in the upper right corner of the Catch block.

End Catch has no input or output parameters.