Throw Overview

The Throw control block will announce for errors if problems occur. If you want to handle a certain condition or case in your workflow, or just want to be informed of a specific problem, then Throw would be useful for you.

You can drag a Throw block and drop it inside a workflow working area when a green field appears. Doing so makes it a part of that workflow.


  1. Fill in the quotation marks in the field with a certain message that you would consider a problem (error)Another way to input the error message in the field of the Throw block is to click on thebutton. A simple menu with a fillable field will open. Fill in the error message that you want to be printed.
  2. Once the Throw block is reached during the execution of the flow, the entire workflow will be intercepted and you would receive the message which you have typed in the field of the block.
  • Example:

if you have typed the following massage: "Tell that something is wrong with the flow. 😊", the message that you will receive when the flow is intercepted will be:

Where "stack" is the directory of the place where the problem occurred.

To disable the Throw Block without deleting it, click on the Disable checkbox.