Sleep Overview

The Sleep function is used to place a computer program into an inactive state for a certain period of time. This period ends when the interval timer expires or some interruption causes the program to resume execution.

The sleep function takes the time value set as a parameter, specifying the minimum amount of time that the process will sleep (be inactive) before resuming execution. This parameter is usually specified in seconds.

Sleep causes the process to stay in an inactive state for a specified amount of time. There is no guarantee that the process will execute after the specified time has passed, but it is guaranteed that the process will be inactive in the amount of time set for sleeping.

You can drag a Sleep block and drop it inside a workflow working area when a green field appears. Doing so makes it a part of that workflow.


  1. Enter the information required in the Seconds field to specify the time that the process will sleep before resuming execution.

To disable the Sleep Block without deleting it, click on the Disable checkbox.