ArrayPop Overview

ArrayPop is a programming method that removes or returns the last element in an array. ArrayPop also changes the length of the array when an element is removed or returned.

You can drag an ArrayPop block and drop it inside a workflow working area when a green field appears. Doing so makes it a part of that workflow.


  1. Specify the Array in the first field of the ArrayPop block, you can also add Items to the Array by clicking on the  button. The following pop-up window will appear:

    2. Click on the Add Item button to add new items to the array list. You can also click on Delete Last Item button to delete the last added item from the list, or you can click on the Delete All button to delete the entire items list. All of these functions alter the items in your ArrayPop list, not in the array itself.

    3. Choose a function for each item - the choices will be string, number, integer, boolean, object, array or null respectively - and click on the Save button to add the items to the array


To disable an ArrayPop Block without deleting it, click on the Disable checkbox.