ROI Dashboard


The ROI page gives more detailed reports on workflow execution. A series of MET calculations that contribute to ROI are displayed here, such as the total amount of time saved and the average time saved per workflow.

To access the page, click “Dashboard” and then “ROI”.

About the Task

Users are only able to see a report for the workflows for which they have permissions. Administrators see a report for all users' workflows.

On the top-left, there is a time selector drop-down that can change the duration of the report within different time periods. By default, it is set to “Today.”

You can find the following graphs and fields on the ROI Dashboard page:

  • The total number of flows that have run in the selected time period.

  • The amount of time saved in the selected period.

  • The total number of flows executed.

  • The total amount of time saved.

  • The average amount of time saved per workflow.

  • Top time-saved, executed and failed flows (the number of which can be sorted).

On the top-right, there is a “refresh” button that updates the provided information.