Theme Customizer


This is where you customize the look of your Pliant interface. You can use the two default themes or create and apply new ones based on your preferences.

The Theme Customizer page

Before you begin

Navigate to Admin >> System Configuration >> Theme Customizer.

Creating a theme

You can create as many themes as you need. Each will have a unique profile which you can edit, delete or apply instantly.

  1. To begin, click the Create button.

You’ll be taken straight to the Customizer module, which can be divided into two parts: Theme Details (left) and Preview (right)

2. On the left, you can build themes from scratch by applying different color settings.

Click any of the squares to change the colors and/or their hue.

There’s also the option to replace your image assets (default main logo, favicon, login logo and login background) by uploading custom ones.

Here’s a breakdown of theme settings:



Theme Name

This is where you define the name of the theme.

Base Contrast

This sets the theme base as either light or dark. 

Background and foreground colors will also be affected.

Image Assets

These settings allow you to change Pliant’s default logos for the main menu, login page and browser icon, as well as the background for the login page.

Page Title

The name of a sample page used for creating the theme.

Brand Colors

The main, secondary and tertiary colors of the platform, affecting elements such as buttons and icons.

UI Customization

Colors that paint main UI elements such as backgrounds and texts.

Block Colors

Colors that display for different types of integration blocks - backgrounds and texts.

3. On the right, you’re able to preview what your new theme will look like in real-time using each of the available three tabs.

All tabs offer individual previews corresponding to their names.
For example, the Login tab will visualize elements of the login page affected by your new theme.

4. When you’re ready customizing and previewing, click the Save button at the bottom of the page. Make sure you’ve provided a name for the new theme.

Saving, generating and deleting themes may take up to 5 minutes.

Theme Actions

You can perform two actions on your existing themes.

  • Edit - If you click the pen button, you’ll be taken to the Customizer page where you can change a theme’s current settings.

  • Delete - If you click the trash bin button, yout theme will be permanently removed. A confirmation message will pop-up.

Applying a theme

Once created, new themes appear on the Theme Customizer page.

However, you can’t apply your theme from here.

  1. Click the Color Scheme button. It’s the bucket icon located at the top-right corner of Pliant.

2. Choose your new theme and it’ll be applied instantly.