The logs tab allows a user to view the logs which are generated based on workflow execution.

About the Task

In this view, users are able to view the logs for previously executed workflows. Users can search for a log based on the name of a workflow, a specific time period, and also whether the execution of the workflow was successful or not. To view the details of a log, users can click on the row of the workflow execution, which will load a pop-up window. 

The pop-up window has the following information:

  • Flow - This is the name of the workflow in the system.
  • Executed by - This is the name of the user in the system who executed the workflow.
  • Time started - This is the time the workflow execution was started at.
  • Time ended - This is the time the workflow execution ended at.
  • Log - This is a unique hash for this particular log, which can be referenced in Pliant or another logging platform.

If the workflow executed successfully after the above-mentioned information, there will be two tabs; "Formatted" and "Raw". Both of these tabs have the same information, as they provide the user with different ways to view the output. Also, on the far right-hand side, there is the ability to copy what is on the screen depending on the tab the users has selected, "Formatted" or "Raw".

Logs are typically stored on the Pliant system for approximately seven days.


  1. Click on the "LOGS" tab at the top of the screen. This will allow you to search for or select the desired log entry.
  2. Locate the desired log entry by either scrolling or by using the filters located at the top of the page. Filter can be done by either the workflow itself, the date and time executed, or whether it succeeded or failed.
  3. Click on the row of the desired entry.