The "Jobs" tab allows users to see which workflows are scheduled within the platform. A job is a workflow scheduled to run automatically at a specified time. The tab provides an overview of the job name, workflow, time (or cron), and whether it is scheduled to run automatically or not.

The Jobs tab

About the Task

Accessing this tab allows the automated scheduling of workflow(s). Users can add, remove, filter, or modify jobs from this screen.


  1. Click the "Jobs" tab at the top of the page.

  2. Find an existing job using the field titled "Filter" and open it. 

  3. Configure the job. If creating a new job, name it. See Create a Job for more information.

Job Actions

  1. Edit, delete, or rename a job by clicking the three vertical dots under the "Actions" column. 

  2. Enable or disable a job by clicking the slider under "State".

  3. Sort the jobs by name.