How-To: Use Strings in a Workflow

Go to the Workflow Editor page by clicking on the "+ Create" button to name and create a new workflow, or by clicking on an existing workflow from the list.

  • Enter a name for the workflow, for example "Hello, Name!"

You will be automatically redirected to the Workflow Editor page, from where you create and run your workflows:

  • Click on the Advanced button to expand the Start block of the workflow.

  • Click on (+) Add Variable, you will see two fields, where you can enter a Name and Default, tick the Output checkbox if you want to create a variable that will be returned to you from the system when you Run the workflow, or choose Input if you want the variable to insert data into the system:

  • Click on the  icon if you want to Delete the variable.

To add a String to the workflow, choose Common from the list with blocks, which is located on the right side of the page:

  • Choose String from the list with blocks:

  • Drag a String from the list and Drop it under the Start block when a green field appears:

 String block will appear, where you can enter the String 1 and String 2:

The type of the String is “expression”.

Start typing in the provided string field and the system will perform a dynamic search, which will show you suggestions related to what you are typing:

  • Choose the string from the suggestion drop down-menu.

At this point, if you execute the workflow, the system will perform the operation, but you will not receive any information from the workflow, because you have to add an Output to the String.

To add an Output to the String, you need to insert a new block to the workflow. To do that, you have to Add a New String from the (+) Add Variable button in the Start block:

A new line will be added and in the Name field, you have to type in “result” and tick the Output checkbox:

When you are done adding the new string line, you will have to add a new block to the workflow. In this case we are going to add the Assign block.

  • Go back to the Common list with blocks and choose the Assign block:

Drag the Assign block and drop it below the StringAppend block when a green field appears.

  • Start typing “result” in the Variable field and choose it from the drop-down menu.

For the Value field, we have to choose the name of the StringAppend block. You can find the name of every block in the right corner (A1, A2, A3, etc.), after that type “.” and choose “result”, so the Assign block will correspondent with the StringAppend block: