Create a Custom Platform Integration Package

You can create custom product integration packages easily by following these step-by-step instructions. Such are needed when complex solutions are built. By following this step-by-step guide, you will be able to produce the necessary packages for your integration needs.


You need to be familiar with the following sections of the technical documentation:

Additionally, the following criteria need to be observed when producing the integration packages:

  • Icon Images – The icon image must be visible in both the light and dark themes.

  • Block and folder Naming – Blocks and folders must be named in Title Case style and the block names should be as short as possible.

  • Variables Naming – All variables should be kept as short as possible and written in Camel case.

  • Output Schema – It is mandatory to add all output schema.

  • Input Fields – All input fields must have valid JSON schema.

  • Help Tooltips – It is recommended to add information to help tooltips.

Package Creation

You can easily create different custom package integrations. We have tutorials that include step-by-step instructions for the two most popular types – Creating Simple Static Integrations and Creating Static Integrations with Authentication.