System Status

Task Description

Overview Statement

The system status page provides broad insights into metrics of your Pliant system. Included are statistics referring to the number of flows, successful and failed flow executions, execution time and averages, system versions, and licensing information.

Before You Begin

Navigate to admin > system status.


  1. The top left-most box will display the number of allows present, as well as how many flows are licensed or registered.
  2. The next box to the right will display the number of executed jobs within your Pliant instance.
  3. The next box at the top right of the page displays the number of successful flow executions alongside the number of failed flow executions. Their respective rates are displayed below them.
  4. The second row displays the average number of flow executions during specific time intervals (last minute, hour, 24 hours, month, and last month).
  5. The bottom left box displays average execution time for flows across different time intervals.
  6. The "System Versions" box displays the various versions of components of the Pliant system.
  7. The bottom right box displays the number of registered and licensed users, above the date the license expires.