Applying Custom Logo

About the Task

You can place a custom logo in the upper left corner.

Logo Image Requirements and Recommendations

  • Recommended size: 600x220px
  • Recommended minimum size: 80x44px
  • Ratio: any ratio is supported, however ratio close to 3:1.
  • Recommended maximum file size: 8 MB
  1. As an admin, go to Theme Customizer.
  2. Create a new theme or edit an existing one (see Theme Customizer for more information).
  3. To upload a logo, click Select file and upload a file according to the requirements above:

You will see the custom logo in the preview pane on the right when the upload is successful.

You can also revert to the default Pliant logo by clicking on Use Pliant Logo button.

Apply the Changes

To apply the changes, save the theme. See Theme Customizer for more information.