Before You Begin

Navigate to Admin > System Configuration > LDAP

About the Task

The LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) configuration allows one to set up a client-server protocol for accessing and maintaining directory services. It's mostly suited for large numbers of queries and minimal updates. 

The LDAP page


In order for this service to work, the user must set up the appropriate LDAP settings and have LDAP server credentials in advance.



Bind DN

An object the user binds to inside LDAP that gives permission to do the action he/she is looking to perform. It must be specified to obtain an identity to perform that operation.


The password associated with the Bind DN.

Search base DN

The point from where a server will search for users. When the user is found, the full DN will be used to bind with the supplied password.

LDAP login attribute

The name used for the bind to the LDAP database

First name field

(Optional) First name of the user.

Last name field

(Optional) Last name of the user.


The IP address of the LDAP server.


Unique number of the server.

  1. Fill in the fields for the LDAP settings.

  2. Fill in the fields for the LDAP server.

  3. Check the box titled "Use SSL" to use a Secure Sockets Layer protocol (Note: A certificate is required)

  4. Check the box titled "Anonymous access" to acquire anonymous access (Note: The fields for Bind DN and Password will no longer be required)

  5. Click "Test Connection" to test your LDAP configuration.

  6. Click "Save" to save the LDAP configuration. Alternatively, click the "Reset" button to reset the fields if needed.