Before You Begin

Navigate to Admin > System Configuration > Integrations.

About the Task

This is where one can import the integrations to work within the UI. They can be selected, sorted based on different columns, and deleted through the “Actions” menu.

The Integrations page


Click on the “Import” button on the top-right of the page. A separate screen appears with two options:

  1. To drag and drop a package of integrations into a designated area.

  2. To click on a button to select a package of integrations manually.

A sample integration package

A package is successfully uploaded once its status bar is a green checkmark. You can upload as many packages at once as needed.

New integrations appear on the main page and can be located with the help of the “Filter” field or deleted using the “Delete” button next to “Import”.

You can then find and use them on the Workflow Editor in the form of unique API calls which can be used to build workflows.