Git Configuration

Configuring Git for workflows


The Git configuration screen allows you to save your Pliant workflows into a Git repository and easily commit, share, and pull your flows using GitHub or BitBucket.

Once configured, you can easily pull your saved flows from the workflows screen or push them from the workflow editor.

Admin > System Configuration > Git

The Git Configuration Screen

Before You Begin

Have your Git credentials ready, namely your Username, Email, Password, and the link to the target repository. Additionally, you will name your repository in the first field titled "name". Finally, know which branch you would like to work from for the final option.

Configuring Git

  1. Navigate to the Git configuration tab. Admin > System Configuration > Git.
  2. Enter your repository name, your credentials, the URL to the desired Git repository (ending in .git), and the branch you would like to work from.
  3. Click save at the bottom right of the page.