Before You Begin

Navigate to Admin > System Configuration > General

About the Task

This is where one can set the time intervals used in the communication between masters and remote workers.

The General page


There are four settings that need to be configured in order for the functionality to work.

Timeout (seconds)

The time interval after which all jobs the worker is currently executing will be suspended or killed.

Total timeout (seconds)

The time interval after which communication between the worker and API is considered permanently lost. The flow is stopped and no responses are accepted after the time expires, even if connection is reestablished.

Timeout action

The action that will be undertaken after the timeout.

Expiration interval (seconds)

Cache expiration time interval that determines how often to revalidate authentications. “0” implies no revalidation and the cache never expires.

Once the settings are in place, click on the “Save” button on the right of the page.