The Permissions page is where the permissions for a specific role are defined. It is here that the administrator defines which roles have access to which API calls, as well as which permissions for each API call.

The Roles Management page

The Permissions Configurator View

Before You Begin

Make sure you are on the "Permissions" page and have the appropriate entitlements in the system to make changes to the role. The "Permissions" page is accessible by clicking any role on the "Roles Management" page or through the "Actions" column on the right.

About the Task

This is where one associates API permissions with the specific role one is editing or creating. Permissions can be associated with folders, integrations and specific API calls.

Procedure to Search

  1. On the upper left-hand side of the page, there is a magnifying glass that allows the user to search for the name of the integration he/she would like to assign permissions to. The search can also search within an integration after the integration is selected in order to provide a quick way to find a specific API call the user is looking for.

  2. The names of folders, integrations and specific API calls appear to the left of the magnifying glass. By clicking them, the user can return to an earlier point of the search.

  3. Confirm that the folder, integration or the API call is returned from the search and select the appropriate set of permissions.

Procedure to Select Integration(s) and Assign Permissions

  1. Once an integration is selected, the user can drill into the integration if desired to further restrict or grant API access. The three small boxes to the right represent permissions to "View", "Execute" and/or "Edit". 

  2. After one or more boxes are selected, the user should see a few things:

    1. The "Permissions Total" counter in the middle top of the page should increase as a new set of permissions have been added, as will the "Folder Permissions" and "Flow Permissions" counters depending on the type of permission that has been granted.

    2. On the right-hand side of the page, new permissions should show up in the list under the "Path" column. The other columns should appropriately display the type of permission which was granted based on the boxes selected ("View", "Execute" and/or "Edit" ).

  3. Repeat the steps above for each permission that should be granted to the role one is editing.

The padlock icon at the top right-hand side of the page is related to editing shared auth storages. By checking a box, one can either save or delete the storage.

Procedure to Search for a Permission

  1. On the "Permissions" page in the middle, start typing in the "Filter" box the name of the permission one is searching for

  2. Confirm the permission is listed after the filter has been applied and the appropriate "View", "Execute" and "Edit" columns are displayed.

  3. Alternatively, look for the permission on the page. 

Procedure to Edit а Permission

  1. Under the "Actions" column, click on the three vertical dots to choose the action one is looking to perform.

  2. Actions include:

    1. Delete - This will remove the permission from the role one is currently editing.